The Best and Worst of 2005

Best of 2005
I'm asked all the time, 'What's your favourite movie?' Tediously, I don't have a ready answer (although I do sometimes say Goodfellas for the sake of saying something, and I really do love Goodfellas), so in that spirit, although in no particular order and for all sorts of reasons, these are the movies I liked the best at the cinema this year.

If I had to pick one to recommend above all the others, it'd be The Downfall (Der Untergang). That took a few days to get over.

Kung Fu Hustle

The Twilight Samurai

Batman Begins

The Constant Gardener


Bad Education




The Assassination of Richard Nixon

A History of Violence

The Aviator


The Aristocrats

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Wererabbit

The Sea Inside

Broken Flowers


Pavee Lackeen

The Machinist

Million Dollar Baby


Cache (Hidden) - opens in the IFI 27th January

King Kong

The Descent

A Tale of Two Sisters

A Very Long Engagement

The Corporation

Worst of 2005
More than a few of these poisonous pieces of fosillized meso-stupid era Hollywood dog turds would have no trouble making the line-up in Worst of All Time List, should such a thing ever exist.

Especially Elizabethtown. That too took a couple of days to get over, but it was more like waking up to find yourself covered in your own shit and not having a clue how it got there...Kind of a thing that would stay with you.

Surviving Christmas




Are We There Yet?

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo



The Island


The Wedding Date



Ocean’s 12

Brothers Grimm

The Pacifier

The Perfect Man

Hide and Seek

The Dukes of Hazzard


Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous


I don't want you to leave you with the foul hum of Guy Richie's bag of old kabollocks still in the air, so the best book about movies I read this year was The Stanley Kubrick Archives from Taschen and the best song I heard was "Let My People Go" by Darondo, from his soon-to-be-re-issued LP. Happy New Year.


Walshy said...

Maguire you poor fucker. Seeing all those turkeys lined up like that boggles the mind. I mean the money that's gone into those... Jesus.

Favourites? Not sure about dates but I'd go for Bad Santa, Batman Begins and Code 46... I think. Bad Santa made me wet my jammies.

Sinéad said...

That's a pretty good list. I'd also include the two Christian Bale films, Batman Begins and The Machinist. I thought Murderball was one of the best documentarires of the year too.
There were a lot of turkeys this year but can I just say that Elizabethtown is the worst movie of the noughties, not just 2005?

g said...

johnny boy

thanks for the list. for those of us no longer living in the city, I can now take my time working through the recommendations that never made it to the local cinema.

I can also avoid the other list like the plague. Although to be fair, the first 30 minutes of Alexnder was a hoot. the scene where he tames the horse in front of Mick Lally et al, it was like the Ballinasloe horse fair with sandals.