Apocalypto Now

The first teaser trailer for Mel Gibson's Apocalypto is online. The new, aging Mel is some kind of something, but he's always had a reputation as a bit of a joker. The film might be about the bloody end of a Mayan society, but for now it just looks like a conventional enough trailer for a flashier take on John Boorman's Emerald Forest. Mel, (oh he's gas, Mel) won't actually appear in the movie, but does make a bizzare, fleeting appearance in the trailer (see the solitary framegrab above).

The sharp-eyed among you should go see for yourselves, wait for the second appearance of the white faced whatevers and use the Quicktime controls to find the frame he appears in. It's either that or play it a couple of times and blink quickly at the screen. I'm telling you, when he pops up, with the cigarette and the mad grin and the George Lucas directing plaid and the beard, it's weird. Does make you wonder how seriously he's going to treat the subject, maybe, a little bit? Can anyone think of another instance where an A-List director played a joke like this in a trailer?
via Cinemablend


Fence said...

Obviously he has gone insane.

Is this teaser designed to hide the fact that we'll be reading subtitles the whole way through, or has that changed?

Pacze Moj said...

Hitchcok often appeared in, and even starred in, the trailers for his films. The Hitchcock trailer for Psycho is a classic!