Lasseter Come Home

Loathe and all as I am to link to CNN, there is a fascinating article with Pixar's head honcho John Lasseter on their financial pages where he talks about his personal filmmaking history, the origins of digital animation and the rise of Pixar, the recent big-money merger with Disney and Cars, their new one.

Revelations include the fact that he started out sweeping the floors in Disneyland and learned everything he knows about comic timing from operating one of the rides there. You can find it here, it's a must read.


Clom said...

As far as I know that "Art of Pixar" exhibition is coming to Edinburgh over the festival.


Aiden Kenny said...

Good Link Johnny-Boy (although I would talk to your sub-editor about the cheesy post title).

Heres hoping Mr Lasseter can bring about a sea-change at Disney and stop their trajectory into direct-to-DVD obscurity. (I guess the chances of their now being a 'Lion King VI' are pretty slim...)